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clint maedgen

New Orleans based photographer, musician, and creator Clint Maedgen is a prolific creator of music and visual art. What we've created here is a platform via the interwebs where we can showcase his creations and offer them to like minded people who we hope will get as much joy, fun, and pleasure from them as we do!

Some of the things we have on offer here at

  • FREE downloads of Clint's original music
  • Fun videos made from Clint's collection of vintage educational films to inspire and delight you
  • A blog and newsletter that shares intimate musings from the artist himself, behind the scenes glimpses of the creative process, and special offers and pre-releases.
  • An AMAZING shop that includes our one of kind designs on clothing, accessories, and home goods.
  • Clint's personal collection of vintage toys, musical instruments, and classic New Orleans memorabilia for sale here only!

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And feel free to contact us there is something you'd like to see us offer more of, or if you have a question about Clint's work.

Thank you for being HERE! 

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