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Clint Maedgen NOLA 30/30/30 (see description below)

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Clint Maedgen NOLA 30/30/30

I moved to New Orleans full time in 1988. My Mom was born here, HER Mom was born here. I had spent time here throughout my childhood but didn’t get to really experience this amazing city until I was 19. began washing dishes in the FRENCH QUARTER within the first year, and I immediately started writing songs.

What an AMAZING place to CREATE and be INSPIRED!! Crazy characters literally around every corner and a beautiful soundscape swirling around you at all times..... So much history, rich with GHOSTS and CELEBRATION. I couldn’t help but write music, it was everywhere.

Not many people know this about me, but this is my 30TH YEAR AS A SONGWRITER AND MUSICIAN IN NEW ORLEANS!! This city has given me so very much as an artist, and I’ve put together a limited edition package of some of my original songs as a sort of homage to NOLA, my home. Sold on a first come first served basis, I have 30 packages at $30 each celebrating 30 years in New Orleans. 

Each package includes 3 CDs:


Apt. 11- 

From my delivery days on a bike in the French Quarter. This even has a magical version of my song Halloween, bootlegged from a dream I once had.


Memory Parade-

Recorded with my band The New Orleans Bingo Show. This one is my love letter to NOLA. It breaks my heart and makes me smile every time. 


cmradiotv #1-

This is my most recent vehicle for musical expression, and probably my favorite. I’ve gone back to recording on cassette at home using various toys and music machines. This music feels so free to me, and New Orleans references are all over it. I wrote one sitting at the red light at Claiborne and Elysian Fields. Can you tell me which one? 😁