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My art is a collage of very specific images that insist on being part of the larger story that I am committing to film. All of my images are shot with continuous film and the finished work emerges organically as a result of careful timing. There is no digital image manipulation involved. These treasures are often found in the most unusual of places. I've learned to keep my camera with me at all times, always prepared to participate in the magic of synchronicity.

My Lomo camera is the ultimate instrument for my storytelling - it continues to surprise me in its interpretation of what I'm capturing. It is a crucial part of my process. My excursions feel like a scavenger hunt, with hidden gems around every corner. You will find me somewhere among abandoned gas stations and subway systems, graffitied streets and advertising hubs, foreign elevators and shadows, collecting and conjuring these patterns and shapes and blending them all together. Welcome to the world as I see it!